U.S. Route 9, Garden State Pkwy to NJ-166


Location: Double Trouble Rd and Dover Rd, South Toms River

As we exit from the Garden State we’ll need to do a 180 degree turn to head back to the right trajectory.

Location: Dover Rd and Double Trouble Rd, South Toms River

Stay straight to stay on 530 as we make our second right turn.

Location: Dover Rd and US 9, South Toms River

Keep right to follow US 9 south into Beachwood. Keep left to return to the Garden State Parkway.

Location: US 9 and Dover Rd, South Toms River

Reassurance shield after the split.

Location: US 9 and Surf Ave, Beachwood

Reassurance shield as we enter Beachwood.

Location: US 9 and Atlantic City Blvd, Beachwood

A few blocks later, keep right to stay on 9 south. Turn left to follow 166 back north into Toms River.

 S to NJ-72, N to NJ-37

 N to NJ-37

 S to NJ-72, N to NJ-37