U.S. Route 9, US-46/NJ Tpk/NY State Line to Palisades Interstate Pkwy


Location: Geo Wash Br and Palisades Interstate Pkwy, Fort Lee

As we enter New Jersey we’re advised to follow Route 4 to get to Route 17. The New Jersey Turnpike and US 46 also begin here.

Location: I-95 and Palisades Interstate Pkwy, Fort Lee

Exit for the Palisades, which heads back up into New York.

 S to NJ-67N to I-95/US-1/NY-9A/Henry Hudson Pkwy

 S to NJ-67, N to US-9/NY-9A/Henry Hudson Pkwy

 N to US-9/NY-9A/Henry Hudson Pkwy, S to NJ-67

 W to NJ-67

 S to NJ-67

  N to NJ-445S

 W to Palisades Interstate Pkwy

 S to Palisades Interstate Pkwy