U.S. Route 40, NJ Tpk/NJ-140 to I-295/US-130/NJ Tpk/NJ-49


Location: New Jersey Turnpike and Wiley Rd, Carneys Pt

As soon as 40 joins the New Jersey Turnpike, the freeway merges onto I-295 south and the New Jersey Turnpike ends. There’s no access to 295 north.

Location: I-295 and Broadway, Pennsville

As the turnpike ends, exit for NJ-49 south and US-130 north. This can also be used to return to the northbound turnpike.

Location: I-295 and Broadway, Pennsville

Exit for 49 south and US 130 north. This is US 130’s southern terminus.

 W to DE State Line, E to NJ-48

 N to US-322

 N to NJ-48, S to DE State Line

 N to NJ-140

 N to US-40/NJ-140

 E to NJ-45

 N to US-322, S to I-295/US-40/US-130/NJ-49

 W to I-295