California State Route 60, I-10 to SR 60 Bus


APM: 30

Location: SR 60 and I-10, Beaumont

No reassurance shield as the 60 begins. SR 60 is the old routing of US 60 and is one of the older freeways into Los Angeles.

APM: 29

Location: SR 60 and Western Knolls Ave, Beuamont

It even features a few at-grade intersections at its east end.

APM: 27

Location: SR 60 and Jack Rabbit Trl, Riverside Cty

Reassurance shield after the Jack Rabbit Trail intersection.

APM: 24

Location: SR 60 and Timothy Ln, Riverside Cty

Reassurance shield after Timothy Ln.

APM: 22

Location: SR 60 and Gilman Valley Rd, Riverside Cty

Overhead reassurance shield as 60 turns into a full freeway.

APM: 21

Location: SR 60 and Theodore St, Moreno Valley

Welcome to Moreno Valley!

APM: 19

Location: SR 60 and Moreno Beach Dr, Moreno Valley

Reassurance shield after Moreno Beach Dr. At the next exit, Perris Blvd, exit for SR 60 Business west, which parallels SR 60 through Moreno Valley.

 W to SR 60 Bus

 W to SR 60

 E to SR 79, W to SR 38