California State Route 62, US-95 to SR 177


APM: 125

Location: SR 62 and US 95, San Bernardino Cty

93 long, dusty miles to Twentynine Palms. 134 miles to SR 62’s western terminus at Interstate 10.

APM: 115

Location: SR 62 and Radio Tower Rd, San Bernardino Cty

SR 62 is relatively boring through this stretch.

APM: 96

Location: SR 62 and Rice Rd, San Bernardino Cty

Reassurance shield 11 miles after Rice Rd as the mountains come into view.

APM: 85

Location: SR 62 and SR 177, Riverside Cty

A few miles later, we’ll approach SR 177. We’re actually in Riverside County now, though we’ll keep San Bernardino’s postmiles.

APM: 84

Location: SR 62 and SR 177, Riverside Cty

Keep left for 177 south to Desert Center. Keep right for 62 west to Twentynine Palms.

 W to SR 247, E to AZ-95 Spur/AZ State Line

 S to I-10

 N to I-10S to I-40