California State Route 185, SR 77 to SR 61/SR 112


APM: 10

Location: International Blvd and 42nd Ave, Oakland

No reassurance shield as SR 185 begins.

APM: 9

Location: International Blvd and Seminary Ave, Oakland

Reassurance shield a few blocks later.

APM: 8

Location: International Ave and 66th Ave, Oakland

This part of Oakland is pretty rough.

APM: 8

Location: International Ave and 82nd Ave, Oakland

They’re working to extend a Bus Raid Transit line down the median here, which should be an upgrade over a discarded shopping cart and a burnt out Honda.

APM: 5

Location: 14th St and Davis St, San Leandro

A couple miles later, we’ll enter San Leandro and approach SR 112, signed as SR 61. Turn right to follow those routes west back towards the Oakland Airport. Stay straight to stay on 185 south.

 S to I-238

 N to I-880

W to I-880

 S to I-880