U.S. Route 60, US-287 to I-27/I-40/US-287


Location: Pierce St and IH 27, Amarillo

Just after 287 merges on, it will prepare to split again, following IH 40 and heading towards Fort Worth. IH 40 East will head towards OKC, Oklahoma and IH 40 West will head towards Albuquerque NM. 27/60/87 will head towards Lubbock and Canyon.

Location: IH 27 and IH 40, Amarillo

Exit for IH 40 towards Albuquerque and OKC. IH 27 will begin here and carry US 60 and 87

W to TX-FM1541, E to TX-395 Loop

 S to TX-FM1541N to TX-395 Loop

S to TX-395 Loop, N to TX-395 Loop

S to TX-FM1541

E to TX-395 Loop, W to TX-335 Loop

S to TX-395 Loop, N to US-60/US-87

S to I-27/I-40/US-60/US-87, N to TX-395 Loop