U.S. Route 60, I-40 Bus/US-87/US-287 to TX-279 Loop


Location: Pierce St and Amarillo Blvd, Amarillo

Reassurance shield as US-60 joins US-87. Follow the two routes to get to IH 27

Location: Pierce St and 2nd St, Amarillo

Reassurance shield a couple blocks later as we pass through downtown Amarillo

Location: Pierce St and 6th St, Amarillo

Another reassurance shield with 287 mistakenly listed for 87. We’re at a junction with Loop  279- initially signed as Loop 279, then US-66 Business, now Loop 279 again, but apparently without signs :(. Anyway, turn right to follow it towards I-40

W to TX-395 Loop, E to TX-136

 S to TX-395 LoopN to US-287

  S to TX-395 Loop, N to US-287

 W to I-40 Bus

 W to TX-FM2176, E to TX-136

 S to TX-279 LoopN to US-287

 S to TX-279 Loop, N to US-87