U.S. Route 60, TX-136 to I-40 Bus/US-87/US-287


Location: Amarillo Blvd and SH 136, Amarillo

Reassurance shield after the SH 136 junction.

Location: Amarillo Blvd and Grant St, Amarillo

Several blocks later, as we enter downtown Amarillo, we’ll get advance notice for the upcoming junctions. It’s slightly misleading since US 60 splits from I-40 Business ahead.

Location: Amarillo Blvd and Buchanan St, Amarillo

First, turn right for US 287. These four blocks are, in order: 287 north, 87 north, 87 south, 287 south, which is in no way confusing.

Location: Amarillo Blvd and Fillmore St, Amarillo

A block later, turn right for US 87 north. Turn left in a block for US 87 south, which US 60 joins down to Canyon. Stay straight for two blocks and turn left for US 287 south. Stay straight to stay on I-40 Business.

 W to TX-279 Loop, E to TX-335 Loop

 W to TX-FM2176, E to TX-335 Loop

 W to TX-FM2176, E to TX-136

 S to TX-279 Loop, N to US-287

 S to TX-279 Loop, N to US-87

 N to TX-335 Loop/TX-FM1912