Texas State Highway 136, TX-FM2535 to TX-15


Location: SH 136 and FM 2535, Hansford Cty

Reassurance shield after the 2535 junction.

Location: SH 136 and CR N, Hansford Cty

Reassurance shield a couple miles later.

Location: SH 136 and 3rd St, Hansford Cty

As we near Gruver, we’ll approach SH 15.

Location: McVee St and 3rd St, Gruver

Welcome to Gruver!

Location: McVee St and 1st St, Gruver

Follow 15 west to Stratford. 15 east heads to Spearman.

Location: McVree St and 1st St, Gruver

Turn left for 15 east/136 south, which run concurrent for a block and a half. Turn right for 15 west.

 S to TX-15/TX-FM278, N to OK-136/OK State Line

 E to TX-136/TX-FM278, W to TX-FM1262

 E to TX-207, W to TX-FM1262