Texas State Highway Loop 279, I-40 Bus to US-60/US-87/US-287


Location: 9th Ave and Amarillo Blvd, Amarillo

Reassurance shield as Loop 279 begins. Loop 279 largely follows the original Route 66 alignment into downtown.

Location: Bushland Blvd and Western St, Amarillo

Local Route 66 shield as we merge onto the old routing.

Location: Bushland Blvd and Independence St, Amarillo

Another one.

Location: Bushland Blvd and Forest St, Amarillo

Probably didn’t need to take pictures of all these, but whatever.

Location: 6th Ave and Fairmont St, Amarillo

Another one a couple blocks later.

Location: 6th Ave and Kentucky St, Amarillo

Ground mounted Route 66 shield.

Location: 6th Ave and McMaster St, Amarillo

A few blocks later, we’re reassured again as we pass out of the 6th Avenue district. We’re still on old 66 though.

Location: 6th Ave and Parker St, Amarillo

Reassurance shield for Route 66 a few blocks later.

Location: 6th Ave and Adams St, Amarillo

Reassurance shield as we enter downtown.

Location: 6th Ave and Tyler St, Amarillo

Another one a few blocks later. In a block, turn right for US-287 south. In two blocks, turn left for US-60 east/US-87 north.

Location: 6th Ave and Pierce St, Amarillo

Turn right for 60 west/87 south.

Location: 6th St and Buchanan St, Amarillo

And turn left for US 287 north. Loop 279 ends.


 W to TX-395 Loop, E to I-40 Bus/US-87/US-287

 S to TX-395 Loop, N to I-40 Bus/US-60

  S to TX-395 Loop, N to I-40 Bus/US-60

 W to TX-335 Loop, E to TX-FM1719