Oklahoma State Highway 51, I-244/US-412 to I-244/I-444/US-75


Location: I-244 and 2nd St, Tulsa

Just as 64/51 join, I-244 loops southbound to follow the west edge of downtown.

Location: I-244 and 2nd St, Tulsa

Up ahead, keep left for US-64/SH-51 east, US-75 north, and unsigned I-444 east.

Location: I-244 and 2nd St, Tulsa

US-75 south will join I-244 west for a couple exits.

Location: I-244 and US-64, Tulsa

Exit left for unsigned I-444, US-64, and Oklahoma 51 east. Keep left for US-75 north as well. Keep right for 244 west/75 south.

 E to I-444/US-75, W to US-64/US-412/OK-97

 W to US-75, E to I-444/US-75

 E to I-444/US-75, W to OK-51/OK-97

 W to US-75E to US-64/US-412/OK-51

 E to US-64/OK-51

 N to US-64/OK-51S to I-244

 W to I-444/US-64/US-75/OK-51E to I-444/US-75

 W to OK-51/OK-97, E to I-444/US-75