Oklahoma State Highway 88, OK-66 to US-412


Location: First St and Lynn Riggs Blvd, Claremore

No reassurance shield after the SH-66 split.

Location: SH-88 and Faith Ln, Claremore

Reassurance shield as we head out of Claremore.

Location: SH-88 and 4160 Rd, Rogers Cty

After Claremore, SH-88 passes under the I-44 Will Rogers Turnpike without interchange.

Location: SH-88 and 4190 Rd, Rogers Cty

Reassurance shield a few miles later as 88 widens out to four lanes.

Location: SH-88 and US-412, Rogers Cty

A couple miles later, we’ll approach US-412.

Location: SH-88 and US-412, Inola

The interchange is located inside the Inola City Limits.

Location: SH-88 and US-412, Inola

SH-88 continues south of US-412 into the town of Inola.

Location: SH-88 and US-412, Inola

Turn right for US-412 west. Stay straight and turn right for 412 east.

 S to Inola, N to OK-20

 W to OK-412P, E to US-69

 W to OK-266, E to OK-20