U.S. Route 412, I-444/US-75 to I-244/US-64/OK-51


Location: I-244 and US-75, Tulsa

Overhead reassurance shield after the US-75 interchange.

Location: I-244 and Detroit Ave, Tulsa

In 3/4 of a mile, US-412 will split and take 64/51 west with it. Keep left for that.

Location: I-244 and Tisdale Pkwy, Tulsa

At the Tisdale Pkwy, keep left for 64/412/51 west.

Location: I-244 and US-64, Tulsa

US-64 and Oklahoma 51 east join I-244 west for about a mile.

 W to OK-51/OK-97, E to OK-11

 W to I-444/US-64/US-75/OK-51, E to OK-11

 W to I-444/US-64/US-75/OK-51, E to I-444/US-75

 E to I-244/I-444/US-75, W to OK-51/OK-97

 E to I-244/I-444/US-75, W to US-64/US-412/OK-97

 W to US-64/OK-51

 N to OK-11S to US-64/OK-51