U.S. Route 12, SH-13 to SH-13 Bus


AMP: 73

Location: US-12 and SH-13, Idaho Cty

Reassurance shield after the SH-13 turnoff.

AMP: 75

Location: US-12 and SH-13 Bus, Idaho Cty

A mile or so later, we’ll approach Idaho 13 “Business”- it’s a business loop, but it functions as more of a spur. It only connects to 13 on one side, and is really just a shortcut for car traffic on 12 west heading to Kooskia. Mainline 13 enters downtown Kooskia after the loop rejoins. Anyway, it’s unsigned. Turn right for it.

 E to MT State Line, W to SH-162

 N to SH-13

 S to SH-13 Bus