Idaho State Highway 13 Business, US-12 to SH-13


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Location: SH-13 Business and US-12, Idaho Cty

As 13 Business begins, we’re reminded why this isn’t the recommended route from 12 west to 13 south, though it is faster.

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Location: SH-13 Bus and NF-515, Idaho Cty

After the bridge, the road bears right and is signed as TO 13

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Location: Broadway Ave and Dike St, Kooskia

Welcome to Kooskia!

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Location: Broadway Ave and Main St, Kooskia

.824 miles after 13 business begins, it ends here at SH-13. Turn right for 13 north to US-12. Turn left for 13 south into town.

 S to SH-14, N to US-12

 E to MT State Line, W to SH-13