U.S. Route 101, SR 255 to SR 211


APM: 79

Location: 4th St and Q St, Eureka

Just after SR 255, bear left to stay on 101 as we head into the core of downtown.

APM: 78

Location: 4th St and Broadway St, Eureka

Several blocks later, US 101 makes a harder left turn to head out of downtown and reconnect with 101 north.

APM: 78

Location: Broadway St and 5th St, Eureka

A few blocks later, stay straight to stay on 101 south. Turn left to follow 101 north as the one-way couplet ends.

APM: 74

Location: US 101 and Herrick Ave, Eureka

US 101 heads out of Eureka from there, and briefly turns into a freeway. This is the reassurance shield after Herrick Avenue.

APM: 73

Location: US 101 and Humboldt Hill Rd, Humboldt Cty

Reassurance shield after Humboldt Hill Rd as we head out of Eureka.

APM: 72

Location: US 101 and King Salmon Ave, Humboldt Cty

Reassurance shield after King Salmon Avenue.

APM: 67

Location: US 101 and Tompkins Hill Rd, Humboldt Cty

Reassurance shield a few miles later.

APM: 65

Location: US 101 and Loleta Dr, Humboldt Cty

Reassurance shield after Loleta Drive.

APM: 64

Location: US 101 and Fernbridge Dr, Humboldt Cty

Exit for unsigned SR 211.

 S to US-101 Bus, N to SR 299

 W to Ferndale

 N to US-101