U.S. Route 20, I-15/I-15 Bus/US-20 Bus to I-15


AMP: 119

Location: I-15 and Broadway St, Idaho Falls

No reassurance shield after US-20 merges onto I-15, because we’re just about to exit.

AMP: 119

Location: I-15 and US-20, Idaho Falls

Exit for US-20, which heads northeast as an expressway to Rigby and Rexburg, eventually heading to W. Yellowstone, MT.

 E to US-20 Bus, W to US-26

 S to I-15 Bus/US-26, N to SH-48

 S to I-15 Bus/US-20/US-20 Bus, N to SH-48

 S to I-15 Bus/US-26, N to US-20

 S to US-26/US-20 Bus

 E to I-15 Bus/US-26