U.S. Route 45, US-45 Bus to US-60


Location: 28th St and Broadway St, Paducah

Reassurance shield after the 45 Business split.

Location: 28th St and Jefferson St, Paducah

Reassurance shield a couple blocks later.

Location: 28th St and H.C. Mathis Dr, Paducah

A few blocks later, we’ll come to a fork in the road. Keep right for 45 north towards the Ohio River Bridge and left for 60 west towards the interstate. Both roads quickly intersect I-24/US-60 Business.

 N to I-24 Bus/US-60 Bus, S to US-60/US-62

 W to I-24 Bus/US-60 Bus, E to US-45/US-62

 W to I-24 Bus/US-60 Bus, E to US-45 Bus

 N to US-60 Bus