U.S. Route 45, KY-94/KY-1529 to KY-1283


Location: US-45 and KY 94, Graves Cty

Reassurance shield after the 94 split.

Location: US-45 and KY 94, Water Valley

Just after that, we’ll enter the town of Water Valley.

Location: US-45 and Chalmes St, Water Valley

In two blocks, we’ll approach KY 1283.

Location: US-45 and Monroe St, Water Valley

Two blocks later, turn left for KY 1283 north and right for KY 1283 south, which isn’t signed here, but it continues another block south.

 N to KY-1839, S to KY-94

 N to KY-944, S to KY-1841

 E to KY-923, W to US-45

 W to KY-924