U.S. Route 45, KY-116/TN-214/TN State Line to KY-1648


Location: Highland Dr and State Line St, Fulton

Reassurance shield after KY 116 as we enter Fulton, Kentucky.

Location: Highland St and 2nd St, Fulton

Kentucky is a liberal user of state highways. A block into the state, turn right for KY 1648, which follows what I would otherwise unquestionably call local residential streets back up to US-45.

 N to KY-1644, S to US-45E/US-45W/US-51/TN-214/TN-215

 N to US-45

 E to KY-129/KY-307

 S to US-45/US-45E/US-45W/US-51/TN-215