Georgia State Route 136, I-59 to GA-301


Location: SR 136 and I-59, Dade Cty

Reassurance shield after I-59 as we head out of Trenton.

Location: SR 136 and White Oak Gap Rd, Dade Cty

A couple miles later, keep hard left for SR 136.

Location: SR 136 and SR 301, Dade Cty

Shortly thereafter, we’ll approach SR 301 at the stop sign. Turn left for 301 south towards Alabama 75 and right for 301 north towards the Alabama line at a county road. Stay on 136 to access Alabama 71.

 W to AL-71/AL State Line, E to US-11/GA-58

 S to AL-75/AL State Line, N to AL State Line

 N to I-24, S to AL State Line