Georgia State Route 515, GA-52 to US-76/GA-2/GA-282


Location: US-76 and SR 52, East Ellijay

Reassurance shield for the east/west routes after Georgia 52 as we enter East Ellijay.

Location: US-76 and SR 52, East Ellijay

And for the north/south roads.

Location: US-76 and 1st Ave, East Ellijay

Shortly thereafter, Georgia 5 and 515 will split without much advance signage. Keep left for 5/515 south. Turn right for US-76/SR 2 west, as well as SR 282 west which randomly begins here as if there needed to be another highway.

 S to GA-382, N to GA-5

 W to GA-2, E to GA-5

 W to US-76/GA-282, E to GA-5

 S to GA-382, N to US-76/GA-2/GA-515

 W to GA-2, E to GA-52

 W to US-76/GA-282, E to GA-52

 W to GA-2

 E to GA-183, W to US-76/US-411/GA-61