U.S. Route 76, US-123 to GA-2/GA State Line


Location: North Ave and Windsor St, Westminster

No reassurance shield after the 123 split as we head out of town.

Location: US-76 and Horseshoe Bridge Rd, Oconee Cty

Reassurance shield shortly thereafter.

Location: US-76 and Rd S-37-90, Oconee Cty

Reassurance shield a few miles later. This is about the most rural stretch of 76 in South Carolina.

Location: US-76 and Damascus Church Rd, Long Creek, Oconee Cty

A couple miles later, we’ll enter unincorporated Long Creek.

Location: US-76 and Rd S-37-196, Oconee Cty

A mile later, follow a local road to Highway 28.

Location: US-76 and Rd S-37-196, Oconee Cty

Just after that, we’ll enter Georgia! Georgia SR 2 begins here, as the Peach State is one of those states where U.S. Routes always run concurrent with state highways.

 W to US-23/US-441/GA-15E to SC-183

 W to US-23/US-441/GA-15

  S to GA-365/GA State Line, N to SC-183