U.S. Route 76, SC-28 Bus to US-178


Location: Main St and North St, Anderson

No reassurance shield as 28 Business joins the concurrency.

Location: Main St and East/West Pkwy, Anderson

A couple blocks later, turn right to connect to SC 81. Stay straight for 76/178/28 Business. Unusual use of 2-digit blanks for the new S.C. shields. They look nice.

Location; Main St and East-West Pkwy, Anderson

Reassurance shield after the 81 connector.

Location: Main St and Liberty Hwy, Anderson

A few blocks later, US-178 splits to continue north. Stay straight to stay on 76 west/28 business north.

 W to SC-28/SC-28 Bus, E to US-29 Bus/SC-81/SC-28 Bus

 N to I-85, S to US-29 Bus/SC-81/SC-28 Bus

 N to US-76/SC-28, S to US-29 Bus/SC-81

 N to I-85, S to SC-28 Bus

 N to US-178, S to US-29 Bus/SC-81