U.S. Route 76, US-29 Bus/SC-81/SC-28 Bus to SC-28 Bus


Location: Murray Ave and Greenville St, Anderson

Reassurance shield as the business loops and SC 81 split off.

Location: Park Dr and Maudlin St, Anderson

A few blocks later, 76/178 enters a somewhat unusual one-way couplet that surrounds a park.

Location: North Ave and Park Dr, Anderson

Reassurance shield a few blocks later.

Location: North Ave and Main St, Anderson

Several blocks after the couplet ends, we’ll approach SC 28 Business and only SC 28 Business again.

Location: North Ave and Main St, Anderson

Turn right for 28 business south. 28 business north joins the concurrency up to mainline SC 28.

 W to US-178, E to SC-24

 N to US-76/SC-28 Bus, S to SC-24

 N to US-178, S to US-29 Bus/SC-81

 N to SC-28 Bus, S to SC-24

 N to SC-28 Bus, S to SC-24

 N to US-29 Bus/SC-81, S to SC-24