U.S. Route 76, SC-252 to US-29


Location: US-76 and SC 252, Anderson Cty

Reassurance shield after the 252 junction, omitting US-178. US-76 is a preferred truck route through Anderson, so intermittently carries “TRUCK” banners.

Location: River St and US-29, Anderson

As we enter Anderson, we’ll approach US-29.

Location: River St and US-29, Anderson

Turn right for US-29 north to Anderson University. Stay straight for 76 west/178 north/29 south, which runs concurrent with 76/178 for a third of a mile or so.

 W to US-29, E to SC-413

 N to US-29, S to SC-413

 S to US-76/US-178, N to SC-246

 E to SC-413