U.S. Route 76, SC-101 to US-25


Location: US-76 and SC-101, Hickory Tavern, Laurens Cty

No reassurance shield after the 101 junction as we head out of Hickory Tavern.

Location: US-76 and Gin Mill Rd, Princeton

A couple miles later, we’ll enter the small town of Princeton.

Location: US-76 and US-25, Princeton

In Princeton, we’ll approach US-25.

Location: US-76 and US-25, Princeton

Follow 25 south to Greenwood and 25 north/76 west towards Greenville. The two routes concur for less than a mile.

Location: US-25 and US-76, Princeton

Turn left for US-25 south. Turn right for US-25 north and US-76 east, despite the conflicting arrows.

 W to US-25, E to SC-252

 N to US-76, S to US-25 Bus/SC-252

 N to SC-14