U.S. Route 221, I-85 to I-585/US-176/SC-9


Location: US-221 and I-85, Spartanburg Cty

Reassurance shield after the I-85 junction.

Location: US-221 and Bryant Rd, Spartanburg Cty

Reassurance shield as we approach the greater city of Spartanburg.

Location: US-221 and I-585, Spartanburg Cty

Shortly thereafter, we’ll approach US-176, which also carries I-585 and SC-9. Turn right for US-176 west/SC-9 north/I-585 north. This is the southern terminus of I-585.

Location: US-221 and I-585, Spartanburg Cty

And turn left for US-176 east/SC-9 south, signed here with an old shield.

 S to SC-56, N to US-221 Alt/SC-11

 N to SC-9

 E to US-29, W to SC-9

 N to I-585/US-176, S to US-29

  N to SC-110, S to I-85 Bus