U.S. Route 221, I-40 to US-64/US-74A


Location: US-221 and I-40, McDowell Cty

Reassurance shield after the I-40 junction. Charlotte-bound traffic is advised to stay on 221 (via US-74) to get there as opposed to taking I-40 to I-77.

Location: US-221 and Ashworth Rd, McDowell Cty

Reassurance shield about a mile later.

Location: US-221 and Goose Creek Rd, McDowell Cty

Reassurance shield a couple miles after the last one.

Location: US-221 and Old US-221, McDowell Cty

Reassurance shield as an old alignment of US-221 rejoins the highway.

Location: US-221 and Box Creek Rd, Rutherford Cty

Reassurance shield as we enter Rutherford County.

Location: US-221 and Nanneytown Rd, Rutherford Cty

Another reassurance shield a few miles later.

Location: US-221 and US-64, Rutherfordton

As we enter Rutherfordton, we’ll come to a junction with US-64 and US-74A, which head towards Lake Lure and Chimney Rock.

Location: US-221 and US-64, Rutherfordton

Exit for US-64/US-74A, as well as an unofficial 221 truck route.

 S to US-221A/US-74 Bus/NC-108, N to US-221 Bus/NC-226

 W to NC-9, E to US-74A

 W to NC-9, E to US-64

 W to US-70, E to NC-226