U.S. Route 45, I-40/US-412 to US-45 Byp/TN-186


Location: Highland Ave and I-40, Jackson

Reassurance shield after the I-40 junction.

Location: Highland Ave and Fairway Pkwy, Jackson

Reassurance shield as we get to the north side of town.

Location: US-45 and Ashport Rd, Madison Cty

We’ll head out of the Jackson city limits, but stay straight to access US-45.

Location: US-45 and Ameristeel Rd, Jackson

And then we’ll get full welcome signage as we randomly enter Jackson for a few feet again.

Location: US-45 and US-45 Bypass, Madison Cty

Exit right for US-45/TN-5/TN-186 north. Stay straight and turn left to access the southbound bypass. Tennessee 5 becomes a primary highway again.

 N to US-45E/US-45W/TN-5/TN-43/TN-186, S to US-412 Bus/TN-20

 N to US-45/US-45E/US-45W/TN-43/TN-186, S to US-412 Bus/TN-20

 S to I-40/US-412

 N to US-45/US-45E/US-45W/TN-5/TN-43, S to US-412 Bus/TN-20

 W to US-45 Byp/TN-186, E to US-70/US-412/TN-1

 W to US-45 Byp/TN-186, E to I-40/US-70/TN-1