U.S. Route 19, VA-113 to US-11 Truck/US-19 Truck


Location: Commonwealth Ave and Sullins St, Bristol

A block after SR 113, US-11/19 Truck will split to head north.

Location: Commonwealth Ave and Goode St, Bristol

A block from the Tennessee Line, turn left for 11/19 Truck north.

 S to TN-1/TN State LineN to US-11/US-421/US-11E/US-11W/US-11 Truck/US-19 Truck/VA-381

 S to TN-1/TN State Line, N to US-11/US-19/US-421/US-11W/US-11 Truck/US-19 Truck/VA-381

 S to TN-1/TN State LineN to US-11/US-19/US-11E/US-11W/US-11 Truck/US-19 Truck/VA-381

 N to VA-113, S to US-11/US-19/US-421/US-11E/US-11W/US-19 Truck/VA-381

 N to VA-113, S to US-11/US-19/US-421/US-11E/US-11W/US-11 Truck/VA-381

 N to VA-113, S to VA-113

 N to VA-113, S to VA-113

 N to US-11 Truck/US-19 Truck