U.S. Route 19, US-460 to VA-369


Location: US-19 and US-460, Claypool Hill

Reassurance shield after the 460 split.

Location: US-19 and Schoolhouse Rd, Claypool Hill

Turn right for SR 719.

Location: US-19 and Wardell Rd, Tazewell Cty

A couple miles later, as we head out of Claypool Hill, turn right or left at the light for SR 609.

Location: US-19 and Wardell Rd, Tazewell Cty

Signage at the light.

Location: US-19 and Martin Farms Rd, Tazewell Cty

Turn left for SR 1239.

Location: US-19 and SR 369, Tazewell Cty

Shortly thereafter, we’ll approach SR 369, which is a loop around the Southwest Virginia C.C. Turn left here for SR 369 “north,” which heads due southwest. It will loop around back to US-19 here shortly.

 S to VA-369, N to US-19 Bus/US-460 Bus

 N to US-19

 W to US-460 Bus, E to US-19 Bus/US-460 Bus