U.S. Route 19, WV State Line to VA-102


Location; Virginia Ave and Meadows St, Bluefield

Reassurance shield as we enter Virginia – with US-460 shields randomly popping up. 460 was diverted onto a bypass south of town quite a while ago, but these shields consistently remain.

Location: Virginia Ave and Depot St, Bluefield

Cutouts! Virginia continued using cutout shields until 1995 or so, so there are still several of these assemblies floating around.

Location: Virginia Ave and College St, Bluefield

And then we’ll approach SR 102, according to some non-standard cutouts. Turn right for 102 west and left for 102 east. Stay straight for 19 south/old 460 west.

 S to US-460, N to US-52

 E to US-460, W to WV-102/WV State Line