U.S. Route 19 Business, VA-16 to VA-16 Alt


Location: Fincastle Tpk and Tazewell Ave, Tazewell

No reassurance shield as 16 joins the concurrency.

Location: Main St and Fairground Rd, Tazewell

On the west side of Tazwell, we’ll approach 16 Alternate. Turn right for 16 Alt north. Stay straight for 19/460 Business and 16 mainline.

Location: Main St and Fairground Rd, Tazwell

Follow 16 Alternate to Bishop. Stay on the business loops for Marion and Bristol.

 S to VA-16, N to VA-61

 W to VA-16, E to VA-61

 S to US-19 Bus/US-460 Bus, N to US-19/US-460

 N to US-19/US-460

 S to VA-16 Alt, N to US-19/US-460