Interstate 395, US-1/VA-110 to District of Columbia Line


Location: I-395 and US-1, Arlington

Reassurance shield omitting US-1 as 1 north joins I-395.

Location: I-395 and George Washington Memorial Pkwy, Arlington

Just after that, keep left for I-395/US-1 as we approach Geo. Wash. Mem. Pkwy.

Location: I-395 and Geo Wash Mem Pkwy, Arlington

Exit left and right for the parkway. In just a moment, 395/1 will cross the Potomac, and cross into DC on the west side of the river.

N to US-1, S to VA-27

 N to I-395, S to VA-233

 N to District of Columbia Line, S to VA-233

 N to VA-27