U.S. Route 19, WV-10 to WV-20


Location: US-19 and WV 10, Mercer Cty

Reassurance shield after the Route 10 junction.

Location: US-19 and Keatley Rd, Kegley, Mercer Cty

Less than a mile later, we’ll enter unincorporated Kegley.

Location: Honaker Ave and Walker St, Princeton

A couple miles later, as we enter Princeton, we’ll approach West Virginia 20.

Location: Honaker Ave and Walker St, Princeton

Turn right for 19 south to 20 south. Stay straight to follow a local road to connect one block to 20 north.

Location: Walker St and Honaker Ave, Princeton

After the turn, we’ll approach the Mercer County Courthouse and the highways loop around. Turn right here for WV 20 south. Stay straight for 19 south, which shares the courthouse loop with 20.

Location: Scott St and Main St, Princeton

Keep left to access WV 20. Keep left also for 19 south, but fork right onto 19 just as we get around the courthouse.

 S to WV-104, N to I-77

 N to WV-104, S to US-52

 W to WV-71