U.S. Route 19, WV-307 to WV-307


Location: Ritter Dr and Little Vine Dr, Beaver

Reassurance shield after WV 307.

Location: US-19 and 4-H Lake Rd, Raleigh Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of Beaver.

Location: Ritter Dr and Grandview Rd, Daniels

Shortly thereafter, we’ll approach Route 307 again.

Location: US-19 and Grandview Rd, Daniels

Stay straight for 19 south and 3 east. Turn left for 307 back west.

 S to WV-3, N to WV-3

 E to US-19, W to US-19

 W to US-19/WV-3

 E to US-19/WV-3