Ohio State Route 41, OH-28 to US-50


Location: SR 41 and SR 28, Ross Cty

No reassurance shield after the 28 split. This particular road sign bears some significance for my interest in this entire hobby. My grandfather lived off 41 along this stretch- and for the first 18 years of my life, it was a constant to come down to his farm to visit him. My first real roadtrips as a child were from our home in suburban Chicago to his farm here, and the predecessor to this sign is the first sign I ever remember seeing in my entire life – it’s etched into my early childhood memories as much as anything else. Whenever we’d make that turn and I say this sign, I knew we were almost to Gramps’s farm.

Location: SR 41 and Lower Twin Rd, Ross Cty

A couple miles later, the turnoff to South Salem and a really slick covered bridge.

Location: SR 41 and Moxley Rd, Fruitdale, Ross Cty

A couple miles later, we’ll pass through unincorporated Fruitdale.

Location: SR 41 and Moxley Rd, Ross Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of Fruitdale.

Location: Quarry St and 5th St, Bainbridge

A few miles later, we’ll enter Bainbridge.

Location: Quarry St and 3rd St, Bainbridge

At the light, turn right to stay on 41 south.

Location: Quarry St and Main St, Bainbridge

41 south joins 50 west towards Hillsboro. Take 50 east to Chillicothe.

 S to US-50, N to OH-138

 W to OH-41, E to OH-28

 E to US-50, W to OH-138