U.S. Route 62, US-23/US-33/US-40/OH-16 to US-23/US-33


Location: 3rd St and Broad St, Columbus

No reassurance shield as the 23/33/62/3 concurrency begins.

Location: 3rd St and State St, Columbus

As we pass by the Ohio State Capitol, keep left to access I-71 north.

Location: 3rd St and Rich St, Columbus

A couple blocks later, turn right to stay on 62/3. Stay straight to stay on 23/33.

Location: 3rd St and Rich St, Columbus

Follow 23/33 to the interstates and 62/3 to the 315 freeway.

 W to OH-315, E to OH-3

 S to I-70/I-71/US-33, N to US-33

 E to I-70/I-71/US-23, W to US-23

 S to OH-315, N to US-40/US-62/OH-16

 S to I-70/I-71/US-33, N to US-40/US-62/OH-3/OH-16

 E to I-70/I-71/US-23, W to US-40/US-62/OH-3/OH-16

 S to US-62/OH-16, N to US-33

 E to US-62/OH-16, W to US-23

 W to OH-16, E to OH-3

 W to US-40, E to OH-3