U.S. Route 62, OH-3 to US-23/US-33/US-40/OH-16


Location: Broad St and Cleveland St, Columbus

After the 3-C joins 40/62/16, stay straight to access Interstates 70 and 71.

Location: Broad St and 4th St, Columbus

Reassurance shield for only US-40 a couple blocks later. Also, turn right here for US-23 north/US-33 west. We’ll catch the southbound part of the one way couplet in two blocks.

Location: Broad St and 3rd St, Columbus

At the light, US-62 and SR 3 turn left to join US-23 south/US-33 east. Follow that four way concurrency to the interstates.

Location: Broad St and 3rd St, Columbus

Turn left for US-23 south, US-62 west, Ohio 3 south, and unsigned US-33 east. Stay straight to stay on US-40/SR 16 west.

 W to US-23/US-33, E to I-71

 W to OH-16, E to I-71

 S to US-23/US-33, N to I-670

 W to US-40, E to I-71

 S to US-62/OH-16, N to US-33

 E to US-62/OH-16, W to US-23

 W to OH-16, E to OH-3

 W to US-40, E to OH-3

 S to US-23/US-33/US-40/OH-16, N to I-670