U.S. Route 62, I-670 to US-40/OH-16


Location: US-62 and 5th Ave, Columbus

At the exit, turn right to follow US-62/5th Avenue.

Location: Nelson Rd and 5th Ave, Columbus

Just after turning onto 5th Avenue, 62 makes an unsigned left onto Nelson Rd. There is no reassurance shield after that turn either.

Location: Nelson Rd and Greenway Ave, Columbus

Reassurance shield a few blocks after that. In another 500 feet, we’ll come to an unmarked junction with US-40/Ohio 16. Turn right for 40/62/16 west into downtown Columbus and left for 40/16 east.

 W to I-71, E to I-270/I-670

 W to I-71, E to OH-16

 W to I-71, E to US-40

 W to I-71, E to I-270/US-62