Ohio State Route 309, OH-65 to I-75


Location: Elm St and Pine St, Lima

Reassurance shield after the 65 split as we head east from downtown.

Location: Elm St and Bellefontaine Ave, Lima

A few blocks later, keep right to stay on 117/309.

Location: Bellefontaine Ave and Elm St, Lima

Reassurance shield after bearing right.

Location: Bellefontaine Ave and Kibby St, Lima

Several blocks later, 117/309 bears left to approach I-75.

Location: Harding Hwy and Bellefontaine Ave, Lima

After bearing right, we’ll approach I-75, which was under construction when I drove this in March 2014, so it’s not well signed.

Location: Harding Hwy and I-75, Lima

Turn left for I-75 north. At the light in the distance, SR 117 splits right without signage.

 E to OH-117, W to OH-65

 E to OH-309, W to OH-65

 S to OH-65, N to OH-81

 S to I-75, N to OH-117/OH-309