Indiana State Road 67, US-27/IN-18 to OH-29/OH State Line


Location: SR 67 and US-27, Jay Cty

Reassurance shield after the 27 split as we head out of Bryant.

Location: SR 67 and 350 E, Jay Cty

Another reassurance shield a couple miles later as we make our final approach to Ohio.

Location: SR 67 and 700 E, Trinity, Jay Cty

Before the state line, we’ll pass by unincorporated Trinity.

Location: SR 67 and SR 29, Jay Cty

Welcome to the Greatest State in the Union! Indiana 67 turns into Ohio 29, an east-west route that heads southeast to I-70 between Dayton and Columbus.

 S to US-27/IN-26

 E to OH-49

 N to IN-116, S to IN-26/IN-67

 W to IN-1