Indiana State Road 67, IN-26 to US-27/IN-26


Location: SR 26 and SR 67, Jay Cty

Reassurance shield as 67 joins 26 and we head into Portland.

Location: Votaw St and Middle St, Portland

In Portland, we’ll approach US-27, as shown behind this terribly placed sign.

Location: Votaw St and Meridian St, Portland

Turn right for US-27 south and Indiana 26 east. Turn left for US-27 north and Indiana 67 north. 67 and 27 run concurrent north up to Bryant.

 N to US-27/IN-18, S to IN-1

 E to US-27, W to IN-1

 N to IN-18/IN-67, S to IN-26

 E to US-27, W to IN-67

 E to US-27/IN-67, W to IN-1