U.S. Route 31, MI-119 to US-131


Location: US-31 and M-119, Emmet Cty

Reassurance shield as we enter Bay View.

Location: US-31 and Vinton St, Emmet Cty

In Bay View, keep right to stay on US-31.

Location: US-31 and Division St, Bay View, Emmet Cty

Delayed Bay View limits sign.

Location: US-31 and Division Rd, Bay View, Emmet Cty

Reassurance shield after bearing right.

Location: Woodland Ave and Encampment Ave, Bay View, Emmet Cty

As we hit the shores of Lake Michigan, we’re reassured again.

Location: Woodland Rd and Boulder Ln, Petoskey

Welcome to Petoskey!

Location: Bay View Rd and Beaubien Ave, Petoskey

Reassurance shield shortly thereafter.

Location: Bay View Rd and Winter Park Ln, Petoskey

Reassurance shield as we start to head down the hill to downtown Petoskey.

Location: Mitchell St and Charlevoix Ave, Petoskey

As we pass by downtown, we’ll approach US-131.

Location: Spring St and Charlevoix Ave, Petoskey

Turn right to stay on US-31 south. Stay straight for US-131 south. This is the northern terminus of US-131, which heads through west-central Michigan down to the Indiana Toll Road.

 S to MI-66, N to MI-68

 S to MI-75

 N to Cross Village