U.S. Route 41, MI-38 to US-141/MI-28


Location: US-41 and Michigan Ave, Baraga

Reassurance shield after the M-38 junction.

Location: US-41 and Golf Course Rd, Bovine, Baraga Cty

Several miles later, we’ll approach unincorporated Bovine.

Location: US-41 and Old US-41, Alberta, Baraga Cty

Shortly thereafter, we’ll enter unincorporated Alberta.

Location: US-41 and US-141, Baraga Cty

A couple miles later, we’ll approach US-141 and M-28.

Location: US-41 and US-141, Baraga Cty

Turn right for M-28 west and US-141 south. M-28 east will run concurrent with US-41 through Marquette.

Location: US-41 and US-141, Baraga Cty

Stay on 41 south/28 east for Marquette. Follow 141 south/28 west to Crystal Falls and Ironwood. This is the northern terminus of US-141, which heads through the U.P. and northern Wisconsin to Bellevue, Wisc.

 S to MI-95, N to MI-26

 S to MI-28

 E to MI-95, W to US-141

 W to MI-26