U.S. Route 41, MI-26 to MI-38


Location: Montezuma Ave and Memorial Dr, Houghton

Reassurance shield as US-41 and M-26 finally go their separate ways.

Location: Montezuma Dr and Bridge St, Houghton

Reassurance shield two blocks later.

Location: Montezuma Ave and Franklin St, Houghton

As the one way couplet comes to an end on the east side of downtown Houghton, do a u-turn to get back on 41 north.

Location: College Ave and Pearl St, Houghton

Reassurance shield a few blocks later as we loop by the Michigan Tech campus.

Location: US-41 and Chassell Rd, Houghton Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of Chassell a few miles later.

Location: US-41 and Assinins Rd, Assinins, Baraga Cty

A few miles later, we’ll enter Baraga County and unincorporated Assinins.

Location: US-41 and Superior Ave, Baraga

A couple miles later, we’ll enter the village of Baraga.

Location: US-41 and Michigan Ave, Baraga

In Baraga, we’ll approach M-38.

Location: US-41 and Michigan Ave, Baraga

Turn right ahead for M-38 west.

Location: US-41 and Michigan Ave, Baraga

Follow M-38 west to Ontonagon. Stay on 41 south for L’Anse and Marquette.

Location: US-41 and Michigan Ave, Baraga Cty

Turn right for M-38 west.

 S to US-141/MI-28, N to MI-26

 W to MI-26

 N to US-41, S to MI-38