U.S. Route 45, MI-38/MI-64 to Ontonagon


Location: Rockland Rd and Gold St, Ontonagon

Reassurance shield after the Ms-38 and 64 junction.

Location: Rockland Rd and River St, Ontonagon

A couple blocks later, US-45 turns left to head into downtown Ontonagon.

Location: Rockland Rd and River St, Ontonagon

Turn left for US-45 north.

Location: River St and Copper St, Ontonagon

Reassurance shield as we enter downtown Ontonagon.

Location: River St and Chippewa St, Ontonagon

 A block before US 45 ends, turn right to head around the block to get back on 45 south.

Location: River St and Ontonagon St, Ontonagon

US-45 ends here, or starts here, according to this sign. The highway heads 1,297 miles give or take through Ontonagon, Chicago, Jackson Tenn., and ends in Mobile, Alabama.

 S to MI-26

 E to MI-26

 W to MI-28