Kansas Highway 15, KS-53 to KS-55


Location: K-15 and 119th St, Sumner Cty

Reassurance shield after K-53.

Location: K-15 and Geuda Springs Rd, Cowley Cty

Reassurance shield a couple miles later as we cross into Cowley County.

Location: K-15 and 11th Rd, Cowley Cty

Reassurance shield a mile later.

Location: K-15 and East St, Cowley Cty

As we enter Udall, we’ll come to a junction with K-55.

Location: K-53 and East St, Udall

Welcome to Udall!

Location: K-15 and K-55, Udall

Flip a bitch to get on K-55 west. Stay straight for K-15 south.

 S to US-77, N to I-135/US-81

 W to US-81

 W to US-81